Saturday, July 16, 2005

Greener Grass

For Lucy, my sheepdog/lab cross, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I sit and watch her stare across at the neighbors lawn with longing, while our entire yard with it's dog toys, water bowl and dog house go unnoticed. Lucy does not live in doggie Beverly Hills. She has much less than some of her doggie pals. Her buddy Monty, not only had his own water bed, but his own air conditioned bedroom to go with it and some of her doggie pals can afford to go to the dog spa for a spiffy grooming every week, while Lucy has to rely on her doting guardians to bath her and brush her. No high priced doggie perfume or jewelry for Lucy. It isn't in the budget. However, Lucy is well fed with proper high quality dog food, plenty of toys, lots of trips to the park and beaches, not to mention being allowed to crawl into bed with her doting guardian (I have sworn Lucy to secrecy about this) for an early morning cuddle no matter how bad she smells. All in all Lucy pretty much leads a pampered dogs life. Still, she sits and stares longingly at the neighbors yard and sometimes sneaks past me on the way to the car to run little circles around it as if to say" Yippeee I finally get a taste of that better grass!" That is of course until I manage to bring her back to earth with a "Lucy!!!! COME NOW!"
As I sit, on this lazy sunny afternoon, watching her gaze at the green grass of my neighbor, I can't help but think how much she resembles the human race. Rarely do we stop, think and give thanks for what we have. Instead, like Lucy, we seem constantly driven to look for greener grass.

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