Saturday, September 03, 2005

You're only as old as you feel! Part II

The "Black Hole" tube slides slides are located at the back of the park and are distiguishable from the others mainly because they are painted black already giving them an ominous air before you even climb the ridiculously high staircase to the entrance. At first I was a little hesitant about this one as the tubes were completely closed in and I don't like to go in tunnels and such. However, I was feeling invincible and game to try and as this was a slide that two people could ride in a double inner tube I tried to convince my partner in crime to ride with me the first time, but she was not having any part of it. So off we went single inner tube in hand and climbed the wet rusting stairs to the entrance.The water on this slide seemed to be moving faster than on the others as we flopped on our inner tubes and went swishing rapidly down the black tube. At times my inner tube was going so fast as it went around the corners that I was litterly riding sideways. Suddenly I could see the sunlight at the end and as quickly as that thought entered my head my inner tube and my body hit the water pool with a loud splash. Laughing as I pulled myself and my inner tube out I begged my daughter to go again, but for now she was having nothing to do with it. So off we went to try some of the smaller slides, but after awhile that kid in me that just loves a challenge began to nag my daughter to go back on the "Black Hole". Finally my daughter gave in, but was that enough for me...... noooooo. I had to beg her to do the double rider inner tube. Now when you get to the top that is a little tricky to get into as the water is rushing pretty hard and fast down the shut and the first person in has to hold on to the metal railings to keep from shooting away until the person in the back gets their butt in the hole of the inner tube. Now this where things got a little tricky and I began to think that maybe this was not such a good idea, but would I back down....nooooooo. While my daughter struggled to get in I struggled to hang on to the metal rails. My arms were hurting terribly and I was not sure that I was going to be able to hold on while my daughter kept trying to slide her butt in the hole. Finally either she or the attendant gave up and figured we were okay to go and off we went even faster than when we went by ourselves. I was just beginng to think this was going to be fun after all and I might come out in one piece when all of sudden I was airborne in the middle of this great black tube and flipped face downward. I could hear my daughter asking if I was alright, but with my lips being dragged across wet plastic and my big toe twisted at a painful and unnatural angle all I could do was moan. For a few moments my head told my body "well you old idiot it's all over for you now". I saw myself at best walking with a cane and at worse in traction with a full body cast. However, I got a grip on my senses and flipped myself right side up and continued shutting down the tube on my butt with my daughter behind me coming at the same speed or better. I had no sooner given myself a pat on the back for living through the nightmare when I realized that we were going to encounter more problems when we hit that recieving pool, because there was no way both of us were going to erupt in any dignified way out of that tube. I also figured that I was going to take the brunt of it as my daughter was most likely to land on top of me. Soon enough I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and tried in vain to put some distance between her and me. However, my feet had barely hit the water when she came crashing down on top of me. I spluttered and choked my way back up grateful to be in one piece and still breathing. Limping painfully to the side of the pool I could only laugh as my daughter rightfully berated me with "I told you I didn't have a good feeling about this ride"and vowing never to go on it with me again. ( I am sure she is just joking!)
I have a bruised toe and knee, skinned elbows, sore arm and sore lips to prove what a great day it was. Next year when I go again, I am hoping that my daughter forgets all about the incident in the "Black Hole" , but incase she doesn't I am planning on bringing some one new with me who has never been there before. Won't that be fun!

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