Friday, October 21, 2005

Time - where does it go?

Where in the world does time fly? I used to think that time would never pass quickly enough. Remember how you were 4 and it was another year before you could go to school - now wasn't that the year that never seemed to end! Or how about those nine months that you were pregnant....didn't those nine months seem to crawl along? However since I turned 50 I am convinced that I get up in the morning and 5 minutes later it is time to go to bed and I still have hundreds of things left to do. What is THAT about? Just like this blog, I could have sworn it was only a couple of days ago that I last posted so imagine my surprise when I logged in tonight (actually forgot my password something else that has happened since I turned 50 but that is whole other post) and discovered that I have not written anything for the last two and a half weeks. Lots to catch up on.
Thanksgiving came and went. I always take my Aunt out for a traditional dinner and a trip to the gambling ship. I lost , my daughter won and Auntie enjoyed herself.
Fall on the west coast is here with a passion, leaves falling in colorful mounds on the ground and the usual deluge of rain. I can't tell you how many times a day I change shoes and socks and coats because I have to walk Lucy in pounding rain that most of the time even she doesn't want to go out in. I don't want to complain too much though, because people have been telling me that we are going to have mounds of white stuff this winter something I dislike even more than rain.
Went away last weekend to the Caribou - such a peaceful place to be especially at this time of the year. The colors of the trees was mind boggling and it was interesting to watch everything sort of settling in for winter. I have some great pictures and more about my trip later.

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