Sunday, September 12, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere

Well the summer appears to have left the west coast for now. It has been raining for the last few days and it has become quite chilly especially at night.
I sat here today watching the rain pound down on the balcony and thought of the nice summer that I have had taking pictures and playing at the lakes and beaches with Miss Lucy and Fred.
One trip they didn't take though that I did was a trip to Nanaimo. The weather was lovely and I captured some really nice shots on the ferry over.
This is what people all over the world come to see.
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 We have the mountains seeming to rise right out of the sea. On a nice day the view is breathtaking.
What I personally always marvel at is the amount of green space that we have in this country. We are so fortunate to have miles and miles of pristine wilderness and tracks of land that are not developed. I hope that never changes. I often wonder what people in countries that are over populated think when they see these kinds of pictures. It must seem as though we live in the land of milk and honey.
We also have one of the most abundant clean water supplies in the world.  I cannot understand why anyone in my province chooses to pay Coca Cola an outrageous amount of money for a bottle of water when we have much cleaner and better water right from our water taps. How incredibly blessed we are because according to Water Aid America over  1 million children a year die because of a lack of clean drinking water. Hard to believe. In my country we don't even think about turning on a water tap or playing in the garden hose on a hot summer day, but for children in poor countries around the world it is a luxury they will never know.  All they ask for is clean water to drink everyday.
So next time you think about buying that bottle of water at the gas station, that costs more than a liter of gasoline, why not give that money to Water Aid America where for few thousand dollars they will help a village dig a well to keep them in clean drinking water.


  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Summer has come to an end and there is a decided chill in the air at times, but we have had a wonderful autumn, so we should not grumble (but we will, we will!).

    It is a strange world when the major part of the globe is covered by sea and yet people suffer water shortages.

  2. Lovely pix!

    Yes, water is and should be more precious and more expensive than gasoline.