Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Belated (not my fault) Canada Day!

Yes - Happy Canada Day one day late. I had this wonderful creative post with all kinds of links and fun things for the day and you would have loved it!! (Really, honestly I know you don't believe me but would I lie about a thing like that?)But alas - Like many people in the lower mainland our Canada Day gift from Telus was no internet!

We did not let it stop us from celebrating and of course we celebrated it with our beloved Canadians Baseball team. I went prepared to give my full attention to every minute of the game so that I could be properly let down when they lost as they seem to do every year on Canada Day. 

I ask myself why they cannot win a home game on Canada Day - to me it is the patriotic thing to do. We sang our national anthem loudly. We cheered like they were the world's greatest heroes. We did the chicken dance and sang Take Me Out To the Ball Game with gusto... but still they lost miserably.
Maybe they can use these pictures to practice up for next year.
Keep your eye on the it comes - get ready to swing!

 I said SWING!!!



  1. omgosh hockey,baseball, soccer what is wrong with us! oh well, next year.....

  2. You know some people can't help but lie,and others can't help but steal,it's called kleptomania and a habitual liar I believe,so I don't know.It's not their fault,but an urge.

  3. You all can't be good at everything. You own hockey and curling and couples skating, right?