Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sir Humphrey Hug!

Dressed in a swoosh British cap and boxer shorts, complete with his own birthday certificate and a note from Frances (who stuffed him with hugs just for me!) Sir Humphrey Hug popped in to stay. He is a happy little fellow who giggles joyfully when tickled making everyone else giggle too.
He has had quite a few adventures since coming to town. His premier appearance was at my friend Denise's house where he was a big hit. He got to meet lots of people and after taking one look at that banquet table he decided he might get to enjoy this new place.
He got to meet Auntie on Christmas day and then the snows came and the wind blew and finally a day of sun and Sir Humphrey Hug got to play in the snow with his new hat and sunglasses. The adventures just keep coming for Humphrey as next month he is going to visit Montreal, Quebec and might need a new outfit for that trip!

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