Monday, June 09, 2008

Where Did She Put the Jewels?

One of the stories that caught my eye one morning last month was about a man in Tampa Florida who hired a woman off the internet to clean his house in the nude. The maid is supposed to have arrived in nothing but a cotton dress which she took off and proceeded to clean the house. However, while she was cleaning she also cleaned out $40,000 in his wifes jewels. When the wife found out she proceeded to divorce him, but I am not sure if she divorced him because he hired a nude maid or if she divorced him because of the missing jewels. Some how I suspect the latter. This story left me puzzling over some things. Why would any one hire some one to clean their house in the nude? Better still - why would anyone clean someone's house in the nude... don't they know what those harsh cleaners do to your hands let alone more sensitive parts of the body? But my most burning question is - If she was wearing only a cotton dress where did she hide the jewels to get them out of the house? Ahh.... don't you just love the internet. Before we had to rely on major news papers for our source of information who knew what we were missing!


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    When I heard this story I wondered the exact same thing!

  2. LOL ... I remember hearing about this too. OMG ... dirty old men, eh? I hope she had a big bag with her to sneak out the jewels, otherwise...I dunno!