Thursday, November 25, 2010

From -10C to +2C in Two Days!

Typical West Coast weather - we were freezing with temperatures plummeting and the wind making it even colder for three days! Then like a miracle we got up in the morning and it was warm and snowing and snowing and now raining and raining! Yep that's BC! 
The worse thing about the snowy cold weather is trying to get around the city.  Most people here go into complete panic mode when there is 4 centimeters of snow on the road and drive like idiots which encourages the rest of us to head to the public transit which doesn't work well in cold weather (yep you heard it right).   Everyone gets up early and tromps to the bus stops only to stand and wait and wait. The buses can't get around or are seriously behind and people stand in the wet and cold for an hour or  more usually to get to a sky train station to complete their journey to work or appointments. However once at the sky train station things can be a little dicey there as well. Fortunately we had the Olympics last year forcing the powers that be to come up with a way to make these trains work in cold weather just in case we needed them during the Olympics. As luck would have it that was not necessary and thankfully so, because today we, the tax payers who pay for this system,  were treated to the new Canada Lines problems. People got to experience what it was like to be stuck, in the train cars, in  the middle of the train bridge across the Fraser for over an hour because apparently the Canada Line can't run if it has an inch of snow on the tracks! Nice work you guys!! Oh well, by tomorrow it will just be a memory.
Needless to say there were a lot of angry people in the city today including my daughter whose trip to work, which is usually about twenty minutes,  took almost three hours!! 
There is one girl who was happy that it snowed today and that was our Miss Lucy. She loves to play snow soccer and was in fine form today! 
Ooops.... just one problem here ... that soccer ball belongs to the neighbors!


  1. Please keep the snow up there! I don't want any!

  2. Anonymous6:07 AM

    You've warmed up but we've cooled down. Then again, you were probably colder than us to start with.

    It is with a sort of ironic satisfaction that I read of your transport problems because we are famous for them too. A snow shower causes everything to grind to a halt. The reason for the satisfaction, however, is because all the pundits are forever telling us how much better other countries manage things in cold weather. It appears not to be true, hurrah!

    Our transport system is in disarray and will be until 2012 because they are tarting it up for the dratted Olympics. ("Tarting it up" as in "making it work".) I almost hope it falls over during the Olympics and embarrasses all the self-seeking politicians who imposed the stupid games on us.

    I am glad someone gets some joy out of the snow because I, for one, hate the stuff with a passion. I am not a Siberian Tiger, thanks very much. My stripes imitate shadows cast by the summer sun.

  3. I laughed out loud at "the soccer ball belongs to the neighbours" Glad to hear Miss Lucy is well and enjoying the snow.

  4. Anonymous7:12 AM

    We dropped 20 degrees. We had to close up the house to keep the heat in. We'll have to water our plants tonight to keep them from freezing.

  5. Okay, what happened with the mayo jar!? ;-)