Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm Off to Gambier!

I have been running around buying groceries, finding sleeping bags and packing for myself and Miss Lucy. We are all off to Gambier Island thanks to the generous offer to use their "cabin". Every time they use the word "cabin" to describe this beautiful place with two bedrooms up and a guest suite in the basement and three decks with hot tub and a view over Long Bay that is to die for it cracks me up! The place is so beautiful and there could not be a better location than Gambier. It is 15 minutes by water to where I grew up. Best of all there are no stores or cars (except work vehicles) at the Gambier Island Sea Ranch they are banned! YES!!!!!!!!!!! There is one place in the whole world where you can't drive a damn car!! I love it!
We will take a water taxi from Sunset Marina just outside Horseshoe Bay tomorrow afternoon. Should be an interesting ride juggling a cooler full of food, a sleeping bag, backpack, camera (cannot forget that!) and Miss Lucy who is not too keen on boats.
I have Harry Potter with me that I have yet to finish and my writing things and my hiking boots! That is the thing I like to do best on Gambier - hike!
So tata for a few days and I promise to come back with a whole load of pictures and lots of stories to tell!
I will leave you with this picture that I just found on the Kat Kam site of the Burrard street bridge tonight.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see all your pics.