Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog - That is the Question

It has been five months since I wrote on this space. A couple of times a week I visit and ask myself if I want to start writing again. So much has happened in the last five months that I almost don't know where to begin or end. Some events have been life changing and others just plain fun!

Life Changing:
My Aunt died on June 15th just ten days short of her 88th birthday.
Two other 30 years + close friends left me since the beginning of the year.
I have someone special in my life for the first time in 18 years!
I sold almost everything I owned and put the rest in storage and moved to Burnaby with Miss Lucy to begin a new life.
I helped my daughters move to a new place of their own to begin their own way in the world.
I studied and passed my Life license and began work as a broker for a large company in the Vancouver city core.
Plain Fun!
I attended my first Pro Ball game in Seattle
I went to my first Jewish wedding in Montreal in a large synagogue
I shopped till I dropped in Montreal!
Lucy has two people who adore her and dote on her every wish!
Most days I want to pinch myself to make sure that it is all real and I am still alive. So much has changed.

What hasn't changed is Miss Lucy -she is still the sweetest dog of all!

I have not forgotten all the friends on here that have been so good to me over the years. The most faithful of all is my friend Lorelei over on Blogsdon who still faithfully has my link up on her site that clocks down the months since I last posted.
I still take hundreds of photos when ever I can and will post some of them again in the next little while.
I have discovered that starting my own business (as I am and independent broker) is a lot of work, but a wonderful and exciting challenge especially when there is someone who is so supportive of what you are trying to accomplish.
So the question of if I should blog again or not is still up in the air... but check back now and then.
Oh... and Lorelei... I am sure you owe me an e-mail.