Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Hold a true friend with both hands.
Nigerian Proverb

After a hard week of family issues and feeling overwhelmed by life I opened my mail to find a cheery note on a beautiful handmade card from my friend Frances in England.
It always amazes and delights me when something nice out of the blue happens that you were not expecting, but so desperately needed.
The card, with it's bright flowers and note of cheer and obviously made with love, was exactly the pick-me-up I needed to get through the week.

Thanks My British Sis ! I love You !

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Eagle and the Killer Whale

This Christmas my daughters gave me a new Native Art carving. Alana drove all the way through a wind storm (even driving over a downed tree) to get this from Horseshoe Bay.
It is a very lovely piece and is especially dear to me as two of my favorite things in nature,the Killer Whales and Eagles are carved together in one beautiful work of art. Both of these wonderful creatures cause me to pause with awe when ever I have had the chance to view them in real life.
The Killer Whale is lord of the ocean. His warriors are dolphins; sea lions are his messengers. It's believed that when the great chiefs die they become Killer Whales. Humans and Killer Whales are believed to be closely related. The killer Whale symbolizes longevity, nobility, strength and family.
The Eagle is a symbol of power. It is next in line to the Thunderbird. Eagle down is a symbol of peace and friendship and is sprinkled before guest in welcome dances and other ceremonial occasions. Eagle feathers were used in rituals and worn on masks and headdresses.
Native Indian carvings represent the traits and history of each species. Some people wear carvings or replicas of the images in the belief or hope that the traits of each will be imparted to them.

This beautiful work of art was created
by Roger Johnny of the Coast Salish.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Leave It To Frances

I sent this really hideous picture of me in my hat to Frances in England and within 12 hours she had turned it into something interesting. That is our Frances always on the look out for new things to do and new places to go! Gotta love her!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hats, Boots, Ear Warmers!

Hurray! Those dark dreary days of winter have begun to dissipate and I am getting a bit of my energy back. I wish someone could tell me why those long dark days are such an energy drain. I find that even when I get lots of sleep and relaxation I never quite feel as though I am rested. I dislike those days immensely and I am sure that Lucy really hates them as she gets short changed on her walks. However this past week she has been in great luck as we have had sunshine and lots of it! It was accompanied by cold temperatures, -5 some mornings- and heavy frost, but it meant that many days after work it was sunny enough and light enough to get Lucy out for a late afternoon walk in the bog!
The sunshine has also given me a little bit of an energy boost and I have been frantically trying to get my work caught up and my packing done for our Montreal trip. The packing has turned into a bit of dilemma as the weather is pretty brutal back there right now with temperatures of -21 and snowing! Makes me cold just writing about it.
I finally agreed that snow boots were necessary and after much shopping for a pair that I could live with (why don't they make sexy snow boots!) and didn't cost a weeks pay I finally found some nice warm not too ugly boots. As well, I have a down coat, hat, ear warmers and super lined leather gloves.

Now if someone could just explain to Lucy that I am going to be away for a whole week without her!!