Thursday, May 20, 2010

Canada's Official Bird??

The Canada Goose is being proposed for our official bird. They have to be the most destructive bird we have. They literally chew up every blade of grass in the parks hour after hour while simultaneously squirting it  back  out the other end! However they are one of  the most amusing and beautiful birds we have. They come in droves to Deer Lake every summer.

  It is nesting season and all the little goslings are following mom all day long.

Meanwhile mom has absolutely no patience with anyone or anything that goes near her little ones.
 And when mom loses it everyone scrambles to get out of her way!!!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'll Love You Forever Robert Munsch!

Today I read in the newspaper where story teller Robert Munsch has told the world about his mental health problems as well as his addictions to cocaine and alcohol.

As a young mother I loved his story "I'll Love You Forever". I read it many times to my children and was touched that Robert Munsch was so able to voice what pretty much every mother in the world feels.   My children would be so quite and thoughtful while I read this story and you could see the contentment in their eyes. They knew that I would always love them no matter what.

As I read the article, I realized why he was so good at this. He was human. He knew what it was to struggle and he knew what it was to find the perfect in times of imperfection. He also needed to know that even with his imperfections he would always be loved by someone. Isn't that what all of us want to know.

I only wish that he did not feel he had to apologize or ask for understanding that should be a given. As a society we are always reveling the perfect.... we never realize that there is little if anything in this world that is perfect and certainly there are no perfect people. There are just people with feelings and emotions.

As I listen to this story again for the first time in many years I marvel at the beautiful person who lives inside of Robert Munsch who was so able to write such lovely words that evoked such marvelous feelings all the while struggling with his own imperfections and need to know he was loved. 

Thank you for reassuring our children over and over again that they will always be loved. 

I for one will always love you Robert Munsch!

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