Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Comox Harbour

Just for you Lorelei!

Blogging... what's it all about?

Really.... can not believe that it has been two years since I last posted on my blog. I can not say that I have missed nor can I say I have not missed it. It is something that I would think about now and then and realize that I liked keep up this blog, but never found a spare hour that I wanted to spend creating a post for it. Then again after two years ... who really cares what is up here or not right?

So this past fall and winter I suddenly began to think that I missed it and I really needed to figure out why I missed it. I still keep in touch in other ways with many of the people I kept up with on here. I post on Facebook and pin on Pinterest .. so what was it I was missing about. I soon realized that my blog was not about keeping in touch or doing some thing for other people it was about keeping in touch with myself and doing some thing that I enjoy just for me. That is why I originally started the postings  so.... here I am back to writing posts. I won't promise myself that I will post every day or every week, but I will keep in touch with myself and do something I like every now and then through out 2014.

A few changes have occurred in my life since I last blogged. We, Fred and I moved to Courtenay BC on Vancouver Island officially in July, but unfortunately Fred still had work to complete so was unable to move till 2014. I spent most of the summer, along with my eldest daughter who spent six weeks with me, learning  my way around the Comox Valley  and cleaning up a house that was left in very bad condition by our tenants.   I put in many hours scrubbing and repairing things as well as cleaning up the garden in front.  By October I had a pretty good handle on things till I started on the weed and bramble jungle in the back yard.... that is still on going despite eight weeks of hauling 7-9 large bins of garden waste to the curbside for the garbage men.
In spite of the work I found time to discover and explore many beaches trails, rivers and lakes in the area and became a devout islander. I can not imagine living anywhere else. It is so beautiful and peaceful and we have some of the most friendly helpful neighbors I have ever met in my life! 

It is some of that beauty and island living that I hope to be able to record here on this blog for me once again.