Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here's to the Irish!

 An Irish Blessing

"Here's to the Landlords"

"Absentee Landlords sucked Irish Blood
'til starvation was stalking for Kerry to Cork
Where there's no hope in this life
but to ship out in steerage
Where the Great Lady waits by the banks of New York

For to be cops and cowboys,
labors and lawyers
In a new land that Cromwell never had suppressed
Now more Irish Eyes shine in Portland that in Antrium
The Wild Goose has flown to a far better rest

So here's to the Landlords
those vile sons of bitches
Sundering the people from the places of their birth
Whose cold ancient castles and blood spattered britches
Condemned our ancestors to inherit the Earth"

Zeke Hoskins -