Sunday, January 12, 2014

Salmon Point

We have had several days of hard rain here on the island. It is the most I have seen since I arrived here July 24th. Finally the ski hill on Mt. Washington, a half hour away,  has enough snow to open for the season, but I don't ski so that is not a comfort for me.  
On Saturday I was tired of puttering around the house waiting for the rain to let up and decided to just go to the beach anyhow. After all Miss Lucy loves the beach rain, snow or wind and she was missing her beach time. We usually go to Point Holmes, but I decided that I would leave early and drive about 25 minutes farther north  to a place called  Salmon Point. It is a very exposed stretch of beach with few people around at this time of year. By the time we got there the rain and wind had ceased and the temperature was fairly warm. As we started down the beach I was shocked by how much driftwood had piled up from the storms that had gone through during the last few days. Then as I looked around I was delighted to find that those strong currents had also brought heaps and I do mean HEAPS of the shells that I love to collect and polish. Where the usual shell collection on a normal day is a couple of handfuls this is what we collected on this beach walk!
A basket full!!
 It turned out to be a great walk and a beautiful night there.

The more time I spend on this island the more I realize it is a little piece of paradise and I thank the universe for placing me in this lovely spot.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Seven Sacred Virtues

   Trumpeter Swan on the Estuary

Well it is another year again. Every year I am amazed how fast the previous year seems to have gone and I always ask myself what I have learned from the year or what I contributed to the year.
This past  year I learned that I need to have a great deal more patience with things. I tend to want to see change quickly and get frustrated when I do not. This year I plan to try and enjoy the waiting as much as the accomplishing... tall order.
As for my contribution....really not sure that I contributed a whole lot this year other than elbow grease, but sometimes that is what is needed.
This past week we attended a talk at the I-Hos native band hall in Comox. Here in the valley, I sense that  the Komoks band contributes and influences a great deal that happens in the Valley. I had met a few people who work at the gallery and was impressed so when the opportunity arose hear about The Seven Sacred Virtues Anishnabe Bimaadiziwin - The Good Life  from an elder  I was delighted and I was not disappointed.
It was a nice to start the year thinking about these virtues and I thought that it was something of value to share with you  for the beginning of the new year. It sparked for me some reflection on my life and how I would like to live it. I hope that it sparks some inner reflection for you as well.

We begin in the East- Humility - Dibaadeniaowin Eagle Migisi 
Look to the Rising Sun each day and feel the power of Creation and the Great Mystery. Accept that you are part of this circle and be of service to humanity and all of creation.

In the South we have Honesty- Gwekowaadiziwin Deer Wawashkeshshii
Look at yourself and accept the gifts that have been placed within you. Understand that this life is but one part of your journey

In the West we have Respect - Manaaditowanim Bear Makawa
When we awaken each morning we practice respect by acknowledging our safe passage through the night and that our life is a gift. We are grateful to all living things for the sacrifices they make to give us our life.

In the North we have Wisdom Nibwaakaawin Buffalo Muskadayn Bishikee 
We practice courage by learning from the many teachers that come into our lives. As we learn we arrive at a place of inner courage to heal all that is within us. 

We journey to Father Sky Courage Aakodewim Hummingbird Nenookaasi 
As we look to the stars we can begin to practice wisdom when we accept that our ancestors have come before us and that they walk with us in every way. 

We look to Mother Earth Truth Debwewin Turtle Mikwaadesii 
We look to Mother Earth and she represents truth. Through her purity of being and the endless energy and renewal she provides to us. 

We look to the centre and we find Love Zaagidiwin Wolf Maeegun 
When we love ourselves we find the good life. Then we can extend that love outwards like a golden thread that brings together all of the sacred teachings into a sacred circle to guide our life. 
 Trumpeter Swan on the Estuary