Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sea Calvalcade

Went to the Sea Calvalcade Parade this morning and despite all the work it took, having to get up at the unholy hour of 5 am to catch the early ferry to the Sunshine Coast, as well as leaving Lucy with someone for the day(I have never left Lucy with any one but family before and I felt like a new mother....almost phoned home to check on her!) it was well worth it. I got to relive a little of my childhood. In Gibsons, a town where they roll up the streets by 6 pm ,a festival no matter how small is a big event and one of the major high lights of school vacation for me growing up. I remembered the endless chatter with friends about what we would wear and what events we could go to and of course the one thing no one wanted to miss - the parade. Today, it seemed to me, as it did in they days of my youth, that the entire town turned out for it and as though to emphasis in no uncertain terms the importance of this event nothing less than a mounted RCMP in full dress regalia led the parade! You could see the awe and expectation on the faces of the children as, with incredible pomp and ceremony, that horse and rider elegantly,wound their way down the hill with the Canadian flag snapping in the breeze. What truth there that old cliche "every one loves a parade".

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