Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Weekend Under the Trees

I lucked out and won tickets for Saturday to the Blues and Roots festival that is held every year at Deer Lake. After walking around and getting a feel for the festival grounds we managed to find a spot on the grass to listen to Lhasa. A rather strange entertainer who sang an eclectic mix of English, French and Spanish vocals. The sun was burning down on us and I knew I had to find shade. I spotted a huge tree off behind the concession stands and headed for it. It was so peaceful laying there staring up into the tree while listening to the music being played.
Sunday morning brought even warmer temperatures and as we drove to the park where our family picnic was to be held I kept my fingers crossed that we would find a spot in the shade. Once more we were able to get a spot under a pair of giant maple trees that provided enough shade to shelter twenty of us for a day of games, good food and family eccentricities causing me to ponder how many other family picnics these ancient trees had witnessed.
Trees... we think so little about them. They stand majestic in all seasons. They give us shade in the summer, provide warmth in the winter, shelter from the rain in the spring and in the fall they turn beautiful shades of gold and yellow bringing beauty into our lives making saying goodbye the last rays of summer sun a little easier.


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