Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Fog has Lifted

Finally, after nearly a solid week of dreary gray skies the sun broke through today making it a beautiful day to take Lucy to the bog. The bog, while cold, was a glorious place to be. The sun breaking through the trees created interesting shadows. The moss, that clings to most of the trees there, appears soft like velvet and the smell of the trees and the wet earth is invigorating. I am wishing that I could be like Lucy, and run free in circles around the trees, leap over the dead branches piled on the ground and splash carefree in the mud. The bog is a place of constant renewal. Everything here dies and renews itself over and over again and today after so many days in dreariness I too find myself by renewed and rejuvinated. My thoughts wander to my friend far away struggling with his pain. I want to package all this beauty and send it to him in hopes that he will find strength in it. Maybe if I send him enough sunshine and beauty and warm earth smells the fog will lift for him as well and he will find healing and peace and rejuvination.

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