Sunday, September 10, 2006

Last days... last rays!

Spent a great last days of summer up at Kilby with Lucy and Alana today. The sun was warm, but with out the heat of July and August. Fall is quickly approaching and you can feel it in the air. I always find this a sad time of the year. I hate to say good bye to summer. Even though I love the colors of fall the oranges and browns and golds. I love the scent of sweet fresh apples and wood smoke from fireplaces and wind in my hair, but all of that is enjoyed with a little sadness knowing that the short season of fall gives way to the dark, cold, wet and dreary days of winter.

I am already getting things ready for those days. Pulling out the heaters, extra blankets on the bed, curtains on the windows to keep out the cold wind. I will try not to let the thought of winter ruin my days of fall and I will definitely not let it ruin my last days of summer.

Those last bitter sweet lazy days of summer.

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