Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gambier Island

On Easter weekend, Lucy and I were fortunate enough to be asked by my friends, Bob & Brenda, to go to their house on Gambier for the weekend. I grew up just 15 minutes boat ride from this Island, but was only on it two or three times in my entire life!
Lucy and I took the water taxi over and it was Lucy's first time on a boat. At first she was a little hesitant about climbing on board, but once on board she settled down at my feet and occasionally poked her head up to look out the windows.

Once on Gambier however she was in her element and so was I. No motorized bikes or vehicles are allowed on the Sea Ranch where we were staying. The place was so quiet you could hear the birds singing and the Blue Jays were gorgeous.
Once I realized that there were hiking trails all over the island and no bears and rarely a cougar Lucy and I took off to explore. We hiked as much of the trails as we could every day. Lucy happily running through the trees free as she could be!
On the last day we came across a deer quietly grazing on the ridge above where we were. Lucy had no idea she was there, but it clear that she knew we were there.

There are a lot of deer on this island and they are a dwarf breed that does not get very big so it is difficult to know how old this doe may be, but I am betting that there was a fawn or two somewhere nearby.
The weekend ,the best I have had in many years, was over before we knew it. It reminded me so much of my youth growing up in Gibsons, surrounded by water and trees and nature I can hardly wait to go back again.

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