Thursday, May 01, 2008


I just found this great tool online. It is called Evernote and I love the program. You have to get an invite like gmail insisted on, but it is great for anyone who needs to keep their notes and correspondence organized and accessible.

Evernote can do all of the following:
  • Type notes, to-dos, brainstorms, and reminders
  • Snap photos of anything from whiteboards to wine labels then email or sync them
  • Clip web pages and have them stored and accessible in their entirety, even offline
  • Write handwritten notes using digital ink or take snapshots of regular ink notes
  • Record audio clips and memos to listen to later
  • Email or MMS notes from your cell phone to your personalized Evernote address*
I have never blogged about a program before and I am not getting paid for this (unfortunately) I just really think that it is a great idea and if you go to their web site and ask for an invite they will let you give away ten invites to friends. It is free right now, but it does not say if it will continue to be free or not. I certainly hope so. I can see so many uses for this.
If you need this kind of service give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

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