Monday, March 09, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday???

Spring was in the air this week! Daylight savings kicked in on Sunday and the thought that we would finally have longer days and warmer weather tempered my angst over losing an hours sleep. I took this picture of the crocus raising their heads to the sun convinced that they must be right ....Spring was here!!Or at least just around the corner!

Or is it???? This is Monday morning from my front yard.....What happened?

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  1. Oh, man! Just when they thought it was safe to push their colorful little heads through the soil.... sorry about the white stuff, hope spring comes to stay SOON!

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  2. Yup this weather sure likes to fool us , the crocus's are pretty i don't have any out yet

  3. yep much the same in the UK

  4. Ack - I was freaking out until I saw the date! LOL

    Anyway - where are ya? I mention you in my post today.