Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It was a green Christmas here on the lower mainland this year. Yesterday Lucy and I too a long walk at the lake to clear our minds and burn some calories. It was beautiful there with the misty look that happens to the sky and surroundings on a cold day in December.
I took this picture of the cormorants that seem to sit on top of the water on the lake. They have been there for months now and they look like such a happy family.
Last night was our annual community dinner. We always go to the downtown east side, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Canada, to feed dinner to the people who have so little. Old men and women, young women, babies, the disabled, the mentally ill and those that just have no one to celebrate the holiday with  lined up outside in the freezing cold for a little food and a little warmth and kindness. 
After... you come home and sit down to a warm meal, good food and the company of your close friends and loved ones you can not help but be a little changed by it.... a little more grateful.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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  2. What a lovely photo and even lovelier tradition, dear friend. Mwah!