Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls

In BC the joke is that if you wait fifteen minutes the weather will change. It is so true. 
We have had a strange year. The winter was warm and sunny through February.  Remember all that great weather they were talking about when the Olympics were here? That seemed to be the end of it and all of us waited for that nice spring weather we usually get - okay sometimes we get and we miss it when we don't . The middle of July arrived and I was still bundling up at night when I was outside. I was convinced that we had blown our sunlight along with our tax dollars on the Olympics. Now almost the end of July and the temperatures are soaring. There is  a fire ban in effect throughout the province threatening to spoil a few planned campfires for the August 1st long weekend.
Monday  Miss Lucy, Fred and I went to Bridal Veil Falls. It was a reward as such for our girl as she had her annual visit with the vet and needles are not her favorite thing. 
It was stunningly beautiful there.  The sunlight streamed through the trees and bounced off the water. The waterfall truly looked like a brides veil.
We went as far up as we thought was safe with Miss Lucy and stood in awe. It was well worth the climb.


  1. After "the worst winter for 30 years", we too have had a magnificent summer, though it is cooling down at last. I wonder whether this was just one of the variations that occur or whether it is evidence of new climate trends.

    The Falls certainly look spectacular and I think you have caught them well. If the exposure is too short, the water turns into solid glass and if too slow, into candy floss. Here, it's about right, showing form but also movement.

    I have been to Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) and after that experience it would take a lot to tempt me back again. Your picture of the Falls might, just might, give a helpful nudge in that direction!

  2. Edmonton haha well at the risk of offending everyone from Alberta if I had only seen Edmonton I also would not consider returning to Canada. Believe me there is much more to this country than Edmonton.
    Thanks for your comments on the falls picture.