Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crows Demanding Equal Rights...

at Gull  School!


  1. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Gulls, being opportunists (like human beings), are very clever. They are, however, surpassed by crows because the corvid species are the cleverest birds around, as shown again and again in observations and experiments.

    If crows get into gull school, then the gulls had better watch out: the crows will always be top of the class!

    PS I do not say that in order to diss gulls. As it happens I am very fond of gulls too.

  2. Love your picture, i love crows. I like gulls too, just not as up close and familiar with them. Crows are so smart, they can count to 9; they stash bits of food to retrieve later and they remember where the first 9 are located.

    Here's a true story; A neighbour boy had a pair of crows who lived free but everyone knew they were Jimmys pets Tom and Jerry because he was the only one they allowed to hold them.

    My hub and i both had the same grade 3 teacher (4 yrs apart) While teacher slept at her desk as she did every afternoon, Tom and Jerry would fly in and sit or walk around on her desk for awhile, pick through her stuff and scatter it around, eat whatever the pupils offered (everyone knew they loved cheese)and eventually fly out before she woke. If it started when Jimmy was in her class it went on for many years after he passed up to grade 4 and years beyond as Jimmy was 9 yrs older than me. For some reason they chose to visit only her 3rd grade 2nd floor classroom.
    I guess they knew the students needed a break from our own self imposed lessons!

  3. Maybe he thinks he won't be noticed.