Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Finally we have some sunshine and warm summer days here in the lower mainland. I have been taking advantage of them by spending a lot of time out doors playing with Miss Lucy and snapping pictures of other creatures out enjoying the sunshine as well.
I captured this guy, on a late morning walk at Deer Lake  just dozing in the sunshine.


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    That's a very nice photo.

    Herons are so unique in form and posture you could never mistake one for any other bird. Around London they become so used to people that you can get quite close to some of them.

  2. Wow what a great photo; you are as good or better than National Geo, Equator and Oasis. We used to get Herons here standing right in our predator protected Koi pond that was covered with mesh and of course their long beak fit easily through the mesh, something like eating sushi with chop sticks. The racoons simply went under the mesh so the whole fishpond thing very quickly became just the pond.

  3. Pretty! Nice lilypads too.

  4. My, what a beautiful picture! May I use it for my desktop for awhile?

    We've had a cool summer down here in western Oregon too. Last week, my wife and I camped above the city and awakened to sunshine above and a sea of clouds below. I love such treats.

  5. Lorraina - thanks for the nice comments about my pictures.

    Snowbrush - I understand what you mean about being above the world like that. It is such a great feeling. I remember when I went to Inuvik and you reach a point on the road where everything seems to be below you. What a great feeling!!

    I have left you a message about my picture on your blog!