Sunday, January 12, 2014

Salmon Point

We have had several days of hard rain here on the island. It is the most I have seen since I arrived here July 24th. Finally the ski hill on Mt. Washington, a half hour away,  has enough snow to open for the season, but I don't ski so that is not a comfort for me.  
On Saturday I was tired of puttering around the house waiting for the rain to let up and decided to just go to the beach anyhow. After all Miss Lucy loves the beach rain, snow or wind and she was missing her beach time. We usually go to Point Holmes, but I decided that I would leave early and drive about 25 minutes farther north  to a place called  Salmon Point. It is a very exposed stretch of beach with few people around at this time of year. By the time we got there the rain and wind had ceased and the temperature was fairly warm. As we started down the beach I was shocked by how much driftwood had piled up from the storms that had gone through during the last few days. Then as I looked around I was delighted to find that those strong currents had also brought heaps and I do mean HEAPS of the shells that I love to collect and polish. Where the usual shell collection on a normal day is a couple of handfuls this is what we collected on this beach walk!
A basket full!!
 It turned out to be a great walk and a beautiful night there.

The more time I spend on this island the more I realize it is a little piece of paradise and I thank the universe for placing me in this lovely spot.


  1. Wonderful blog! All of your pictures are beautiful!