Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bou Country

The Caribou is a special place. The land is vast and seems, to me at least, almost empty although some of the pioneers of the area would argue that it is getting too crowded. As well, there is a peacefulness that seems to blanket everything. From the peaceful grazing cattle to the lonely call of the loons on the multitude of lakes in the area you are struck by the quiet serenity of the place. With little cabins tucked away behind massive trees and the only evidence they are there is the smoke rising from their chimney it is obvious by the way people struggle to build houses with no running water and no septic fields that the people that live here do so for the sheer pleasure of nature and privacy. As I walked the paths around Dekka Lake this past weekend with Lucy I was struck by the beauty, but awed by the silence. More on the Caribou later.

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