Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Hallowe'en

Hallowe'en days in my childhood were so fun and exciting that I vowed I would never give them up! The excitment started weeks before the big day when we comb old trunks and backs of closets for things to make our costume out of. There was no Cat Woman or Spider Man purchased costumes for us. We went as pumpkins, or fairies, or hobo's or cowgirls or my personal favorite .... a princess. It didn't matter what we went as though it was the delicious thought of going to other people's doors and asking for and getting all that CANDY! Oh! and it wasn't just that.... it was the party at school where you got to wear your costume and eat pumpkin shaped cookies and mom's brought in black cat cakes to share. We would laugh and giggle at each other's costumes and talk about how much candy we were going to get that night. We would warn each other to stay away from the houses that made you do too much for your treat or worse gave you FRUIT! What kid wanted and apple on Hallowe'en? Then home to wait for the magic hour when it got dark and scary and you grabbed your pillow case and hit the streets to make the haul. We would prowl the streets for hours meeting up with other kids and comparing our goodies. Exhaustion would catch up with us sooner or later and we would and home we would go to eat and count up the chocolate bars and the suckers and boxed candy and popcorn balls and the licorice whips! Best of all the homemade caramel apples!
In the hustle and bustle of adult life I have forgotten my promise to never give up Hallowe'en. I bought the goodies and oohhed and ahhed over the little ones dressed in the latest purchased hero costume of the day. Next year though I think I am going to look in the back of the closets and the old trunk down stairs and grab my pillow case and shout 'TRICK OR TREAT'!

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