Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm back

It has been a long time since I last wrote. I don't know where I have been really. Just walking around on planet earth looking for my spot I suppose.
Lots has happened in the last two months. A New Year has rung in. Gong Xi Fai Choi was celebrated and it is the Year of the Dog for my Chinese friends. We had another election, we have a new Prime Minister who before the his oath of office had been heard around the world he had already made decisions that smacked of impropriety and corruption. All things he promised in his campaign he would put an end to. Ahhh..... the more things change the more they stay the same! Who said that?
Started January off with a trip to Victoria and a one night stay in the Marriott Hotel. My daughter and I shopped till we dropped, ate a wonderful meal in the gourmet restaurant at the hotel, had a few drinks and laughed till we cried.
The rest of January and most of February has been spent trying to dodge the water. Rain, rain and more depressing rain has pounded down upon us making us all think that maybe it was time to start building another ark. To make matters worse the rains were accompanied by high winds which brought flooding and destruction to many peoples lives here on the coast. Fortunately for us the gods smiled upons us - we can't afford water front property!
Lucy is ... well Lucy. She survives almost anything as long as she gets two walks a day, stolen tid bits of food and lots of cuddles. Oh yes and a nap on my bed every afternoon!

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