Monday, April 10, 2006

MS Super Cities Walk for Hope!

The morning of the MS Super Cities Walk for Hope arrived and we hauled our tired bodies out of bed at 6 AM to find that as usual it was wet cold and miserable. I can not remember an MS walk that the sun shone for us. Despite that many more people showed up to support this worthwhile cause this year. For most of us it is a personal matter. We know and love someone who has this disabling illness.
This year Lucy made the walk with us dressed for the occasion as always and was really the only perky one in the whole team. She got rave reviews for her spiffy MS shirt and in the spirit of giving her all for the cause she graciously allowed us to tie a balloon to the back of it.
The rain was mild and Lucy and I made good time doing 10K around the seawall. We finished in an 1 1/2 hours and raised 1,811.00. Next year we are going to break the $2,000.00 mark and maybe they will find a cure. There is always HOPE!

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