Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wedding day!

For several months I have been helping the daughter of a good friend of mine plan her wedding and after months of planning the only thing we didn't take into consideration was what would happen if it rains. After all - as I was constantly told "It never rains the last week of July in Vancouver!" Well, apparently this year is an exception and the day of the wedding I awoke at 5 am to the sounds of thunder, lightening and rain. I paced the floor until noon when gratefully the sun decided to shine! Causing me to ask "What was I worried about?"
The wedding was wonderful, the bride looked radiant, the parents, on both sides, were rightly proud and the guests were delightful.
Although the wedding has tired me out I would not have missed this experience for anything.
This picture, taken with the bride's parents in-law, is the only one of the wedding that I have right now, but stay tuned and I will post a picture of the bride when I get one.

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