Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to Canada Frances!

The summer is just rolling along and I can hardly believe that my friend Frances & family will be here in just three days! She called last night to let me know that they are in the country (if you consider Alberta part of Canada )and that they are having a great time and will call as soon as they get in and are settled. So... the plans now begin in ernest as I still have so many things to do. I need to finish the basket I have for them. I have to pick up the car that Peter and Janice lent me (thanks so much guys!). I have to bath and groom Lucy although I hardly see the point as she always looks rather scraggly no matter what and seems determined to smell bad no matter how much bathing or what kind of shampoo or doggy perfume I use! (okay .... you got me... yes I buy doggy perfume for Lucy ! Speaking of grooming I still need to do the girly thing myself... you know color hair, thread eyebrows, pedicure etc. I know that everything will come together okay I just really really really hope that they all have a great time!
The weather is supposed to be cooler, but so far there is still sun on all three days they are to be here so I will keep my fingers crossed for the best.
Tomorrow, on top of everything, is my birthday and my family is taking me to the Greek Festival to celebrate. It is such fun I took many pictures there last year when we went. The food is great, the Tsantali even better and the dancing and music make your heart light. Perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

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