Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poker Run!

All my years of living on the west coast and all the hours I have spent on the ocean - Heck I even grew up right on the ocean front, I have never seen boats like these offshore racing boats. Thirty five feet long, brightly painted and beautifully kept these boats are definitely eye candy. I was told that some of these boats cost $1,000.00 a day in gas just to run them and they can get to 200 miles an hour! I am usually not a speed freak, but I would definitely be up for a thrill on one of these.
The boats race all over the US and Canada for Charity and on the Vancouver Poker run they hit the water at Rocky Point in Port Moody about 9 Am and then headed to the Sechelt making 5 stops on the way to pick up cards for their poker hand. They then race back, take their boats out of the water and go to a hotel to play their hand of cards. All the money collected from this race is given to various charities.
These boats are not only great to look at, but their owner/drivers are a great bunch of guys willing to answer many questions about their boats with smiles on their faces! Thanks for a great show guys!
For more on these guys and their boats check out North West Offshore

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