Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Morning Walk

Lucy and I decided to take a long walk in the canyon this morning. The sun was shining and it had begun to get fairly warm by 9:30 am . Being so busy and having other places to take Lucy this summer, she and I have not really gone there for weeks. I was surprised to see that it is still fairly green and cool there despite our having had such warm temperatures with little rain for so many weeks. Judging by the amount of unwanted drink cartons, beer cans and potatoe chip bags it appears that the canyon has seen it share of summer walkers and it is a good thing that it has stayed so damp as I would be afraid that those who so carelessly throw their garbage here would also not care where they throw their cigarette butts! I would hate to see this canyon destroyed by fire.
Lucy, ever the optomist, spent her time chasing squirrels up trees in the hopes of catching one and fishing for whatever she sees moving in the pools of water in the creek. While she has absolutely no hope of attaining anything from her intense efforts she never tires of it and never gives up. I admire her spirit.
I always feel more connected to myself after spending some time down there. It is nice to listen to the birds sing and the squirrels chitter. Even nicer to be able to hear oneself think for a change. Life here in the everyday world is so hectic and noisy that one forgets to seek that inner place of calm waters and soft music.
Speaking of the real world.... time for me to get ready for a family dinner.

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