Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Poor Lucy!

When Lucy was a puppy I taught her to rings bells, hung on the door, to let me know when she wanted to go out. It was very successful and Lucy manages to ring those bells very loudly when she wants to go out. However, she also uses the bells to tell me that she really really wants to go for a walk. All week when Lucy rang the bells I ran downstairs and put her out in the back yard thinking she wanted to romp in the snow, but inevitably by the time I got back upstairs Lucy would be barking that bark that says "Hey - I don't want to be out here by myself ! Let me in!" So after a few minutes of that insistent bark I would run back downstairs, let her in and dust the snow off her only to get back upstairs and have her ring the bells all over again.
Lucy loves the snow and this week has been a frustration for her and me. With temperatures at -18 with the wind chill for a few days it was impossible to give her the kind of walks that she feels she is entitled to and she has let me know all day everyday just how upset she is about it. Tonight, with the snow falling, but the temperatures rising I managed to get her out for a good hour and thankfully she is sleeping like a baby right now and all would be good if she had gotten into her own bed instead of MINE!

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