Saturday, November 18, 2006

And the Winds Did Blow!

Fall winds and rains storms have pounded the west coast this past 10 days bringing flooding and power outages to a lot of communities. We were very fortunate to only have lost power for a very few hours as some people in our area were with out heat, light and telephone for 4 or 5 days!
As soon as the winds died and the water began to subside Lucy and I headed to our favorite places to see what Mother Nature had done to them.
The bog was looking very different from the sunny lush days of late spring and summer. Huge bare patches where the water had flattened the grass and foliage when it over flowed it the creek banks and the wind had stripped the last of the leaves from the tree branches
Davis Creek in the bog had obviously over run it's banks and there was a great deal of debris on the road we always walk giving us an idea of just how strong the current in the normally sleepy creek had become. However the real eye opener was the trees that had been snapped like match sticks and so many of them! I counted at least 11 large downed trees just on the short path that we were on. It is so awesome to go to the woods and see the incredible power of nature. I cannot imagine how much power that wind was packing when it struck down so many trees.
Lucy and I decided to walk back via the canyon and see what surprises that would bring. I had not been in there for many weeks and expected to see a lot of mud and water on the trail, but what I did not expect to see was what had happened to the creek bed there. The force of the water had caused rocks and tree branches and silt down the creek to Lucy's swimming hole and where there was 5 feet of water last spring there was now only about six inches!
As you can see in this picture where Lucy used to swim all summer long she is now able to just walk across to the other side. Lucy, after giving the whole thing a bit of a puzzled look, was not to be dismayed and happily ran into the creek to retrieve a stick.

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