Saturday, June 30, 2007

You Need a Life Girl Friend!

I have just finished reading an article on the BBC news from the UK about the Apple I-Phone that was launched yesterday in the US. The girl you see pictured here was third in line to get an I-phone having been in line waiting for THREE days out side the Apple Store on New York's Fifth Avenue.
Jessica, after emerging with her new phone, had this to say

"It feels great, oh my God, overwhelming. I never thought this day would come - and now it finally has, it's mind-blowing," she said.

"We got no sleep with the rain and the dump trucks going back and forth. I'm going to go home and sleep and play with my phone a little bit."

Am I crazy or this nuts? Do people not have enough to do or has going to the park or reading a book or just having fun with family and friends so gone by the wayside that we are excited enough about a piece of metal to stand in line for three days for it!!!?
Now I could understand her statements if she had just got married, had a baby,found a cure for a life threatening disease or found a way for there to be peace all over the world. Not for a TELEPHONE!!!
I have a message for Jessica -
"Hey Girl Friend - you need a life.
No seriously Jessica I am worried about you. You have far too little to occupy you. If you have three days to spare why not do something productive with them. How about volunteering for you local seniors home or animal shelter or food bank. Anything except lose three days of your life just to give money to a corporate entity that could care less if next week you were hit by a bus except that you would not be able to honor that three year mega money contract you signed for to get this phone. "

Take my advice!
I'm sure your a great person Jessica !
Meet some friends who want to spend time with you. Give you a hug and a smile, not just talk or message you on that machine. Walk on the beach, go to the park, or watch the sunset from your window.
Trust me Jessica, life is far too short to spend three days sitting on a side walk waiting to spend a fortune for a piece of man made polluting metal junk!


  1. Amen! And what about those folks who camp out for days just to be first in line to see Star Wars? Or those who camp out at the bookstore to get the latest Harry Potter book? They *all* need lives! lol

  2. Ditto on those folks too!!!