Sunday, August 15, 2010

Minutes Away - Worlds Apart!

Today it has been scorching hot here in the lower mainland. Usually my choice on a day like this would be to head to a nice cool lake and take Lucy fishing, but my guy had other plans today. He wanted to go an event in Vancouver.  It is the Pivot Rock for Justice and it happens every year. There is all kinds of music and many of the city activists are present. 
So leaving lucky Lucy behind to sleep in front of the fan all day we hopped the sky train and went to the big city. We rarely take the car to the city. It is difficult parking and usually expensive not to mention Fred drives all week for a living so it is not much fun to get behind the wheel of a car on the weekend in Vancouver and fight the crazy drivers yet again.

While Vancouver is only about twenty minutes from Burnaby,where I live, it sometimes seems worlds apart. Vancouver is much less conservative  and can be seen immediately by the way people dress and style their hair. 

Women with hats with feathers on them seems to be quite the rage as well as vintage clothing and yes you are not seeing things the guys are getting into skirts! You can see them all over the city especially on the weekends. 
 As well, more and more women are showing up with tattoos all over their bodies. In times past and in the more conservative areas of the city women would have a little tiny tattoo on their shoulder or ankle, but now it is not unusual to see women with tattoos all over their arms and backs. Ouch! I really don' think I am brave enough to get a tattoo let alone one like this girl. 
 Now I am not sure what was up with this guy. I can't say that I have seen many with this style, buy I can say that dread locks are showing up all over the city yet again. I can remember when I was young and saw these hairstyles and I would marvel at them. I could not figure out how they can stand that matted hair. If I am not able to brush my hair a few times a day or wash it and feel the shampoo foam up and get that squeaky clean feeling at least every second day I would go mad. Yet here the style is back again! 
 There was even a dog with dread locks.
 Even though he has no choice as his  grows that way naturally. (I think) 
 When ever I am in Vancouver I love to people watch. It always amazes me that I can live so close yet People in Burnaby seem to be so very different in style and even in attitude. 


  1. Looks like a renaissance festival!

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I don't like tattoos. They are ugly and as they age and the body ages, they become uglier and uglier. Some people become addicted to them and have to have more and more.

    I don't like dreadlocks, either. No one can claim they are aesthetically appealing. No matter what anyone says, they are dirty.

    Having said that, I support people's right to wear whatever they like and to decorate themselves however they like. They don't need me to like their get-up.

    It's interesting how communities adopt a common style of dress. Small towns are apt to be more conservative and prissy than big towns, perhaps because the young gravitate to the big towns.

  3. Nothing says, "please don't hire me" than all-over tattoos. ;-)