Saturday, September 03, 2005

You're only as old as you feel!

I don't know who first said those words, but I am convinced it was a woman because the words are so true. Today I went to Splashdown Water Park with my daughter (she is in her late 20's) and felt like a ten year old kid again. I discovered how much I loved these things about two years ago and jump at every chance I get to go and play on them. I am never disappointed. The rush that you feel when you first sit at the top of the slide and let yourself go is such a marvelous feeling I almost become addicted. Rushing even faster up the stairs for yet another turn at on a different slide. First the Kamakazi, then the Corkscrew and the Oliver Twist -oh and the Double Trouble. All of them just a little different. All of them crazy fun!
The one enjoyed the most was "Big Jim's River Run"! For this one you take an inner tube and climb the stairway to the run entrance where a huge fountain sits in the center of a wide run spewing water. You walk around the fountain and flop yourself into the tube and cascade down several levels of water landing in pools on each level till you get to the last pool. The pools are of varying widths and you can get trapped there having to use your arms and legs to pull yourself to the next drop to get going again. As well, other riders are flying over the falls and hurtling themselves a you and at times crashing into you so hard that you think you will fly head first into the high cement walls on either side of the run. Screams and laughter are al l around you as you spin around on your inner tube, sometimes going over a pretend fall backwards adding to the excitement. Finally you reach the last drop and you and your inner tube hit the recieving pool and spin halfway accross before you realize that the ride is over.
My daughter and I barely sat down for over two hours and we laughed so hard that even the bruises I got from bumping down these water runs didn't hurt much. We tried everything but the kiddie runs and that only because my daughter wouldn't let me! However the one ride that finally did us in was the "Black Hole" tube rides, but I will leave that one till tomorrow when the pain in my body has hopefully subsided.

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