Sunday, October 08, 2006


Can it really be that another Thanksgiving day is upon us so soon? With the summer and early fall having been such a hectic time in my life, I hardly believe that when last I sat down and had five minutes to myself to think of the world around me and what was happening - it was Spring! Where oh where did all the days go so quickly?
We didn't celebrate in a great way this year. I decided to paint the hallway in the house and so we avoided invitations and the temptation to just go out and enjoy the good weather. Instead we dragged a frozen turkey out of the freezer and after staring at it for a bit decided that instead of stuffing it in the oven and hoping for the best I would BARBEQUE it! Really... I know ... me the undomestic goddess... the one who prepared an entire Christmas eve dinner, for guests from China who wanted to experience a Canadian Christmas, from frozen prepared foods from M&M's! I still blush at the thought of that I will tell you! Anyhow... really I did barbeque it and it turned out lovely. Very nice and browned and juicy and tasting just ever so gently of hickory and cherry chips. We all enjoyed it especially Lucy.

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