Monday, October 30, 2006


Our family has had a busy time celebrating in the last couple of weeks. My friend Ajaib took me out for a great Indian lunch to celebrate Diwalli, the Indian festival of lights. Ajaib is a lovely man with whom I had the great pleasure to work with about 15 years ago. We share a passion for politics as well as a heart for people who cannot make their voices heard over the sound of the back slapping of the politicians. He and I have agreed we will never be politicians. We see things too much in black and white while politicians have a unique way of turning everything to a muddy shade of gray. Ajaib taught me a great deal about his community, but he taught me even more about the goodness of people in all communities.
Ajaib introduced me not only to his world, but also to the Muslim community as well so my daughters and I gratefully accepted an invitation from another friend to share in Eid,the feast after the fast of Ramadan. I always view these occasions as a way to learn about different cultures and different family traditions. I learned that this festival is considered in their community as important as Christmas is in ours and the ladies dress matched the occassion. The women were stunningly beautiful in their colorful Indian suits elaborately beaded and embroidered. The women, I was told, had spent days making the delicious traditional dishes that were spread out on the banquet table. They continually pushed us to eat more and we happily indulged! I always welcome the opportunity to learn and share with other communities and feel grateful that I live in a country where the diversity of our population allows this to happen. All it takes is an open mind and heart.

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