Thursday, March 06, 2008

Banning Trans Fats ?

Gordon Campbell, our premier, is planning on banning restaurants from serving trans fats. That would mean that Wendy's Baconater burger would be banned in BC. The baconater has two hamburger patties and six strips of bacon and is a popular burger especially with the guys.
I think we are going too far. When is it right for our government to decide what I can and can not eat. I understand that obesity is a real problem for our own health and for our over burdened health care system. I also agree that we need to make sure that our schools offer health foods to our children, but where does it stop? Do they get to come into your house and ban you from eating a bacon and egg sandwich with a large slice of Canadian Cheddar? Will we be forced to stand in the cold and wet behind a tree to pig out on a burger and fries when we have a bad day? Will they stop our grocery carts at the store and check for contraband?

Pretty soon we will be able to buy a BC doobie easier than a BC Burger!

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