Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Case of the Washed Up Feet UPDATE!

Who would have thought that there could possibly be more? It appears that another RIGHT foot has been found washed up on the beach this time in Campbell River. It was found by a couple walking on the beach this morning. (This makes me rethink myh walking habits) Police say it is in a size 10 sneaker.
Either there are a lot of one legged men out there or there is definitely something strange going on.

****HOLD THE PRESSES! There has been a surprising twist in this story. The last foot (6th in the series) has turned out to be a hoax! Someone put an animal paw in a sock and stuffed it in a tennis shoe. Sick ...very sick thing to do. The police still have no idea who the other feet belong(ed) to or where they come from. ****

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  1. holy cow. how scary?!
    I haven't heard of this.