Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rumours Of My Demise...

have been seriously over exaggerated. I will admit that I have been buried under a sea of work and for awhile it looked like it would kill me, but I am woman and I have survived.
I have missed blogging and I do try and get a look at everyone else's blogs a couple of times a week, but I am usually so tired that I don't have the energy to do much else, but browse.
It is an election year here and I am very involved in my constituency getting other people involved so we can be ready when the writ is dropped. Politics is a very strange addiction I think. Most of the people I am involved either love it or hate it. Believe it or not even though I work in a politicians office we have people working there who have no interest what so ever in politics. As I have been involved in this most of my life I often ask myself why? I don't have a lot of answers for it other than I have always been interested in politics and how governments effect the people who elected them.
Being so busy means I have very little time to chat with friends or e-mail them for that matter. Today my British friends have flown across the Atlantic to the US to travel by car across the country. If they are reading this I hope they know I am sending them good thoughts for a safe and happy trip. I hope they understand and forgive me for being so busy these days. Have a good one guys - send me lots of happy pictures.
However, no matter how busy I am I try to spend some time each week taking pictures and walking and playing with Miss Lucy. Almost every weekend I go to a park or the beach and snap pictures. Despite the fact that the weather has been miserable it still is very much spring. The blossoms on the wild berry bushes are out and so are the bees.

The bunnies are back in my yard driving Miss Lucy crazy.

My favorite - the wild daisy's are everywhere you look.

Being able to get out for a few hours every weekend to snap pictures and play with Lucy keeps me sane. I am going to try and get a few minutes to write this week. Lots to catch up on.


  1. OOoh, bunnies & daisies, oh my! lol

    Love that the yellow :)

    Glad to see you back around. I don't have a life so I'm blogging like a mad woman ;) HA!

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Beautiful pictures!! (as always) I'm glad you get to take your trips with Lucy to keep you sane.

  3. Hi Drowseymonkey, I don't have a life either trust me. I just have work and more work.
    Thanks for the kudos on the pictures Lorelei. I think I would go crazy if I couldn't take a few hours with my girl.

  4. You take the nicest pictures. I have a ton of bunnies around my house.