Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dog Days At the Park

It has been such a hot August. Some days have been unbearable here in the city and while Fred and I suffer, poor Miss Lucy with her heavy black coat is positively dying in the heat.

So we have been taking her to various places where she can swim and on a hot day this past week we visited a very busy Buntzen Lake dog park where not only the dogs were swimming, but their owners as well. 

This little guy had his fill of swimming and was just sunning himself on a rock!

However this is the one that fascinated me. He never went in the water and did not appear to have any interest. He just slept on his rock or sat and watched the others quite content to do nothing!


  1. Is the white one a Chihuahua? If Pepper were there it'd be 'Salt & Pepper'! :D

    Maybe the one who didn't want to go swimming forgot his swim trunks.

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I'd be that last dog.

    The last time I ventured into the water was years ago in Turkey. That was when I learnt that you can get sunburnt even in the water!

    I took the hint and have kept my clothes on ever since!

  3. I need to warn folks not to swim in Houston Woods,a Cincinnati area park,I would get female infection from it when I'd swim there in the beach area.