Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blackberry Cobbler

In a very weak moment I suggested that we have fresh blackberry cobbler for our fund raiser tomorrow evening. You know the whole west coast thing... wild salmon fresh BC grown produce and locally picked blackberries. Nice idea huh! I even said that I and another friend would pick all the berries. However, I went on holidays and my friend ended up picking all of the berries so now I am stuck cooking the cobbler.
I really hate to tell people that I have never made blackberry cobbler before let alone make it for sixty plus people! And really I have to be honest I only said it because I am so sick of the same Costco brownie bites and dates squares for dessert. Truth is I don't really need to eat dessert. I mean I really really don't need dessert.
So... wish me luck.
A few well placed prayers wouldn't hurt either!

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