Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hiking with Wolves!

I have been obsessed with wolves ever since I was a kid and read Farley Mowatt's book "Never Cry Wolf". His writing about these interesting animals made me feel a keen connection with them and any time I see an article about them I tend to read it. On Tuesday when I read an article on Canada Online about hiking with wolves in the wilderness near Golden BC I knew it was made for me.
A place called The Northern Lights Wildlife Centre near Golden BC in the Canadian Rockies offers a one and half to three hour hike with wolves and all the photographs you can snap in that length of time. I have been dreaming of it ever since. The center promotes wolf and bear conservation through education. It helps to dispel the myths and fairy tales about these magnificent animals. Wolves are primeval wild dogs and are the ancestors of our best friends the domestic dog. ( Yes that means you Lucy!) Wolves are not protected in BC and their numbers are diminishing. When I traveled in the Yukon I would hear the wolves howling at night, but never got a glimpse of one. Finding out about this place has given me hope that I may yet see one before they become extinct thanks to uneducated people killing them with out reason. I am hoping to find three other people to join me on this adventure next year!


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    At the Renaissance Festival last weekend someone with a medieval brain was wearing a wolf wrap as a decoration for their medieval costume. I wanted to spray paint it bright red. It really bothered me! Of course, I also had a problem in the butterfly shop, where all these beautiful butterfiles had been used for artwork and pictures. I doubt they all died of natural causes. Your adventure sounds like fun!

  2. I so wish I could come with you! We have a place here in the US called Wolf Park. They hold photography seminars as well behavior seminars (dog/wolf) and wolves hunting Bison demos (no Bison or wolves are hurt in the demo! I checked). It is my life long dream to go there and get up close to a wolf (my favorite animal-after the dog of course! oh and Polar BearsQ Oh and moose! I guess I have a lot huh?

  3. The link to Wolf Park is

    Thanks for your well wishes for my trip. I love both your blogs! It is nice to "meet" someone who is just as crazy about her fuzzies as I am about mine!

  4. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I will be hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail leaving 5/29/10 with my two wolves and two of their pups. They are not only beatiful but special animals. Very friendly and family oriented.We as people could learn so much from them, I already have become a better person from living with them.