Monday, September 17, 2007

Time to go Home

Our last day on Gambier was a little cooler than it had been, but the sun was up and by late afternoon it was toasty. We had such a good time on the island we all hated to leave, but reluctantly we packed our bags, cleaned the cabin and lugged all our stuff to the dock. The Apadoca was due in around six in the evening, but was about a half hour late. No one cared. We sat on the dock watching the last rays of sunshine sparkle on the water. Lucy was tired after another day of constant fishing in the bay so was grateful to lay at my feet and wait and when the Apadoca showed up she jumped on board like an old pro without a moments hesitation.
The evening was one of those very special nights here on the coast where the sun slowly sinks all the while casting lights and shadows making everything around seem even more special. I was lucky enough to be able to sit on the open back of the boat and while Lucy snoozed at my feet I show over 70 pictures. Some I just shot blind in hopes of getting the right light at the right moment. At times I would quit snapping pictures just to gaze at the dazzling beauty all around me.
Eventually we arrived at Sunset Marina and while the girls lugged the cooler, sleeping bags and back packs up to the car I stayed on the dock watching and taking pictures hoping that my batteries would last till the last rays dipped behind the mountains.
**This is the last of three entries on Gambier Island

Pictures can now be viewed on Catz Photo Page at Flickr

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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Good for you. Let them do all the work. ;-)