Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh Yes! I am back!!!!!!!

The noise and smell of pollution are constant reminders today that my holiday is over. Work is calling and I have already gotten a start on that. I wish the days of sunshine, sweet salt air and skies filled with sunshine by day and stars by night could be with me forever, but life intrudes.
Today I got back to taking care of those I take care of.
Before I went away I felt that was all I did was take care of others. Some of whom seemed to not appreciate it at all. Now, I have had some space and time to think and I realize how terribly I have neglected myself in the last two years. Even when I badly sprained my ankle I allowed myself less than two weeks before I was back walking Lucy on that foot and lugging groceries around for my Aunt. I realize that I cannot and should not do those kind of things anymore. I am just not up to it so I will need to set some priorities for my life in the months ahead. First priority is to start seriously looking after myself. Even the simple things like taking a long hot bath with candle light or listening to music in the evenings, going for a stroll to enjoy the day or evening, or even spending time with friends sharing a good meal and a laugh have escaped me in the quest for a just society.
Fat chance! Who every said life was just? And why am I always seeking justice for everyone?
Somewhere along the way you begin to believe that maybe there can be justice for all and our desperation to make things good for others gets in the way of what is ultimately good for us. So after this weekend I will spend the first part of my week planning a schedule that includes time out for me and me alone. I will say no to anything that encroaches on that time and should I start posting things about being so over worked that I am exhausted I hope one of my friends out there in cyber world remind me to read this post.
Now I have lots of great pictures to share with everyone and stories of bonfires on the beach and swimming in my underwear to tell, but it will have to wait for a bit till I get the dirty laundry sorted, the sleeping bags tucked away and a new collar for Lucy because the salt water destroyed hers.


  1. Swimming in your underwear! Sounds like a wild time! That's great that you are taking more control over your circumstances and looking out more for yourself. If we don't do it for ourselves, who will???

  2. Now you are talking like my daughters! I keep trying to tell them that the birds and deer don't particularly care if you are in a designer suit or your birthday suit!
    Thanks for the support on the looking after myself stuff. Hard thing for me to do believe it or not.

  3. I guess that's my point!! Why bother with the underwear -- since like you said, obviously the birds and the deer don't care! :)

  4. Trust me you would not want to do that with my daughters you would never hear the end of it! Some days I wonder if they are really mine. Must more straight laced than I am believe me!